About The Reclaimed Oak Company

Leading UK Suppliers of Reclaimed Wood Beams and Reclaimed Oak Beams in London

The Reclaimed Oak Company holds a strong commitment to the use of environmental friendly timbers. Due to this policy, our only supplies are reclaimed wood beams and reclaimed oak beams. The timbers are reclaimed from all over the world. Every batch reclaimed has provenance and each piece has its own unique look, with its own imperfections and character, which has been created in its previous life.

Our expert team have been working with reclaimed wood beams and reclaimed oak beams for over 20 years, holding a vast and varied quantity of reclaimed timbers in our warehouses. We endeavour to satisfy all our customers whether they are personal, interior designers, architects, international, property developers or trade. Whether it’s a few boards for patching in or new floors for a whole pub chain, you can be sure of a competitive price and a friendly service.

You are more than welcome to visit our showrooms/sawmill, where you can see the reclaimed wood beams in their raw form and their finished elegance, which is only achievable from the aged patina that reclaimed wood, naturally supply. In our sawmill, the timbers can be machined to make the laying of the floor an easier job and to a specification the customer may require. The Reclaimed Oak Company all supplies wood beams and oak beams for furniture making, interior wall cladding, worktops and shelving.

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